About Us

Why Use Contact?

When it comes to solving handling problems in a workplace environment, you can rely on CONTACT. Clients throughout industry depend heavily on our equipment to:

  • Handle products faster
  • Reduce the risk of accidents
  • Return profits to their company

Our enviable reputation is the culmination of 27 years of industry experience and customer care. We're justly proud of the calibre of client who places complete faith in our ability as a solution provider, as exemplified by our growing list of clients.

Product Warranty

As the quality leader in our field, we manufacture every piece of equipment to exacting standards. Every design has been developed to be user friendly and to attain optimum handling characteristics. So much so that we offer a product guarantee that has set new standards in our industry.

No Quibble Guarantee

In the unlikely event that your Contact forklift attachment does not operate in the manner we have specified in the operating instructions, please inform us within seven working days.

We then guarantee to either replace the product or refund 100% of the original product invoice value, including carriage. Please note that all bespoke attachments (specials) are not included in this clause.

Return of Goods Policy

If goods have been ordered incorrectly, the customer should notify us within seven working days. In this event a handling charge of 25% of the product price plus carriage costs each way, will be incurred by the customer.

Please note that all bespoke attachments (specials) are not included in this clause.

Customer Care

From the moment you dial us you can be assured of a level of customer care that you could only expect from a dedicated market leader

  • Fast response
  • Experienced specialists who will offer the best equipment specifications for your needs
  • A stock profile that offers immediate despatch for the more popular items and tailors non-stock deliveries to suit your needs
  • A service that is geared up to meeting guaranteed delivery promises

Special Products

Where a handling project requires a special solution, CONTACT can help. Using the latest SOLID EDGE computer design technology our experts can perform analysis upfront in the design phase.

Offering guaranteed workable solutions and design integrity.

Unnecessary physical prototyping and last minute engineering changes are completely eliminated.

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